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A Filmmaker's Aesthetic
For Mark Sidener
A videographer and motion graphics artist friend contacted me about creating a new website and brand. Being in the film industry and producing freelance client work, he was looking for two almost juxtaposed identities represented in this work. He wanted his website and brand to be flashy for his peers and potential collaborators. But he also needed a grounded and level-headed design that could attract larger clients and businesses. 
That’s not an easy ask! But I got to work and developed something we both fell in love with.
Persona: The Peer
This design needed to demonstrate that side-hustle oriented, new, modern, sharp, not afraid to be bold artist. Colleagues and collaborators want someone who can shoot a music video with them or make a cutting-edge promotional video. Fellow videographers want to see his gear and know he’s got the skills they need. 
Persona: The Professional
This side of the design needed to demonstrate a stable, logical professional who will answer emails and show up early to a press conference. A photo is important here. These clients don’t want the same boring digital resume, though. Brands are evolving and most companies searching for a videographer are trying to adopt new media. 
So, we needed to strike a balance.
The Solution
I wanted his brand to be striking and solid. I chose two strong Sans-serif fonts and used pink as his primary color because it’s not a traditional color associated with men. This brand is different, willing to try new things, but is capable of subtlety and poise. I stylized his initials to look like the side of an old film camera to create a connection between the history of the industry and his modern style.
I built his site to be as easy to navigate as possible. Each section has a single goal. I placed his video reel - a filmmaker’s calling card - right at the top, followed by a welcoming photo and introduction. Further down the page, you can find additional videos and a gear list for potential clients to see he knows his stuff.

His contact field is simple, just an email. This lets his clients know he is approachable and available.
The Site
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