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A Modern Working Brand
For Twin Cities Drum Rescue
Twin Cities Drum Rescue is a Minneapolis-based drum repair and rescue shop. The owner Matt Marshall needed brand work and an easy-to-use website to promote his business. Previously, he relied on Facebook to conduct business, but that wasn’t suitable as the company grew. He wanted a business website that would reflect him, his ideology, and the personal nature of his repair work.
Persona: The Basement Kit Drummer
Twin Cities Drum Rescue’s clients are not nationally-touring musicians or Instagram drummers with half a dozen sponsors. Matt is working with hobbyists blowing the dust off an old kit in their attic. School band teachers with shoestring budgets. Local musicians emotionally attached to a years-old kit that is literally falling apart. 
This brand needed to reflect them. It needed to reflect the affordable work Matt does to rescue drums that seem beyond repair.
The Client
My client is a modern working man with a modern working brand. I decided to give the entire brand a vintage feel -- something that has a bit of an edge and instills confidence in Matt’s work. And it needed to underline how much respect Twin Cities Drum Rescue gives to their craft.
The Solution
I chose to use deep red, blue, and sharp yellow across the branding. These colors contrast nicely with the bright white of the logo, which consists of a drum ring (the component that holds a drum head on) and a vintage medical cross (like the kind you would see in WW2). 

Matt’s work is straightforward. He respects his craft and deeply cares about the connections his clients have with their instruments. The resulting brand is clear, concise, and powerful.
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