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A Video Curation Platform
Pushwave was a content curation platform our small team of three launched in 2017. On Pushwave you could collect videos from different sources — YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitch — and place them into customizable and editable channels. You could include comments with each video, and build personalized transitions between them.

Our goal was to bring the "curator" into the relationship between creators and audiences. A curator is a subject matter expert with a lot say about their favorite things, and Pushwave is their home share it with the world.
Giving Credit Where Credit is Due
We’re big fans of vaporwave and chillwave music - the more Outrun graphics the better. We discovered there were dozens of vaporwave YouTube compilations, each one created by a collector or curator. But we realized that these curators were actually ripping tracks from other artist pages and re-uploading them to make one compilation.

The problem is that this cuts off views to the original artist’s work. These curators weren’t trying to hurt the artists. In fact, many of them include links to the artists and track listings - but there’s no good way for them to show off their curation skills and gain a following. This lack of infrastructure is hurting these curators and negatively affecting artists, which in turn makes it hard as the listener to support both sides.

Pushwave allows you to embed links to videos into your channel (Wave), which means you’re receiving the recognition you want as a curator and the artists is receiving direct views to their content.
You aren’t ripping and re-uploading videos so you don’t have to take views away from the original artists or creators. And you’ll never have to worry about DMCA takedowns or copyright infringement. Pushwave: keeping you out of legal trouble since 2017.
Branding Your Waves and Making Inlays
In addition to custom video channels, you can create transitions! Similar to Adult Swim bumps, inlays can be placed between videos to brand your channel, show off your style, or just move viewers from one video to the next. Inlays are collections of gifs, images, text, and audio that play up to 30 seconds.
All In A Days Fun
We built Pushwave to give the viewer, watcher, and fan a job. We wanted to activate the film buff, the music nerd, and the video junkie. We wanted to give them the tools to do what they do best which is sharing the content they love with other people. It was a wonderful experiment, and a fantasitc learning tool. After 20,000 visiters, 500 active users, and 1 year live we sunset the project to focus on the next steps in our careers.
Although It Hasn't Stopped Me From Thinking About It ;)
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