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Super Banner Shopping Experience
For Christopher & Banks
The goal of this project was to increase sales through our pant fit guide super banner.  The business team had data to suggest that shopping via this banner converted really well. The problem was, our users were getting lost when navigating the experience and leaving rather than returning to the super banner to continue to shop. To solve this problem, I needed to reduce confusion and reinforce our preferred behavior: shopping using the super banner. Here’s how I accomplished this:

• Implemented a fully responsive design.
• Clearly defined buttons.
• Sized the tabs correctly on all screen sizes.
• Added left and right arrows as banner scales to help with navigation and discovery.
• Removed distractions to increase focus and reduce decision-making time.
• Added a back button to each category banner to create a closed loop to encourage multiple item shopping.

One Month of Data
We launched my design on 11.8.2018. Within one month, we saw a more than 100% increase in revenue with the same number of visits. Our conversion rate soared, and our users exited far less frequently.
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